Event Called Off Due To Weather Threat

2015 has proven to be a challenging year for many festivals in our scene. After the sustained storms we’ve been working through the past few days, we’ve come to accept that Art Outside is not immune to Mother Nature’s wild ways.

Due to the ongoing impact from Hurricane Patricia – one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded – we are forced to cancel all scheduled programming for the remainder of the weekend.

Though we work hard to keep the show on the road when it rains, the scale of the rainstorm we are currently experiencing is forecast to continue over the next 48 hours. Unfortunately, this storm will effect all aspects of the event’s operation, preventing our team from providing you with the caliber of experience you expect and deserve. We are humbled by the outpouring of patience, understanding & teamwork showcased by everyone here at Apache Pass.

For those onsite needing tow/push assistance, there is a team of tractors available to help — please turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights as a way to identify yourself. The entire Art Outside staff is working hard to ensure a safe departure for all patrons.

Stay tuned for more updates as the day unfolds.

Update- To reiterate, 

Despite the presence of rain, we were able to maintain two incredible days of programming. As the severe weather (high winds and flooding) intensified to a level that was no longer safe for our patrons or performers, our team was forced to make the tough decision to call off all programming from Saturday afternoon onward. With the threat of flooding and severe weather, this decision was not rain related but rather, safety related.